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Exceptional software, mobile applications and websites that help you grow profit, reduce risk and make your business more efficient.

Humans and emotions come first. We build technology keeping this in mind!

Our approach

Technology can be complicated sometimes. It has its own ecosystem, its own language, and it‘s just difficult to understand how it works. Some of us humans may not get it easily. This is why our core value is to build an intimate and intricate connection between technology and humans. After all tech is built to help humans. Our technology is for everyone. Our tech is humanly familiar.

This is perhaps what we thrive the most, which makes us different from the other traditional agencies. We care deeply about helping you tackle your most significant challenges and turn your vision into reality, keeping the end-user in mind at all times. With us, it‘s never just about the project in hand. It‘s about building trust and enabling your long-term success. We will meet you where you are on your journey, integrate our people with yours, and share our skills every step of the way to make the product you envisioned a reality.

Why choose us?

Technological pragmatists

We use the tools the job requires. Together with our clients we figure out the requirements for a successful and intuitive product.

Strong partnership

We not only write the code, but give advice on the product development right from the start. Our goal is to contribute to a thriving business.

Over 10 years of experience

Time flies. Twenty years have glued us together, allowing us to establish efficient flows and development processes. No bullshit with us.





Our Vision is to make a strong impact in the Worldwide market by being the leader in digital transformation who sets new trends for user experience and shows of the potencial of Latam to the highest instances.


Our Mission is to help our clients thrive in today digital era by providing exceptional software solutions that excites users, exceed the customers expectations and outperform the competition.


Booh! provides software development solutions to innovation-pursuing customers in a highly competent environment with a confident voice. Helping them feel they are in good hands and be provided with improved business processes.



We provide companies with the latest technology solutions making them leaders in the field of innovations and automatizations in their niche.


We will tailor our project‘s coopera­tion and communication based on your needs.


We are not afraid of changing things and try to make them better than anyone has done it yet.

Technologies we work with

We rely on the latest technologies and frameworks that help us create modern, stylish and performant software.




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CD/CI - DevOps

Management Tools

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Exceptional software, mobile applications and websites that help you grow profit, reduce risk and make your business more efficient.

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Our team


Eduardo Betancourt

Chief Technology Officer - CO Founder

Eduardo founded Booh! back in 2018. The vision was clear - to tear down geographic barriers and provide high-end expertise in the same time zone. His expertise lies in executive management, new technologies, DaaS, and above all in empowering people to reach their highest potential.


Gloria Figueroa

Chief Agile Officer - CO Founder

Gloria Figueroa holds the role of Chief Agile Officer (CAO) at Booh! and is responsible for leading and promoting the implementation of agile approaches in all operations and projects of the organization. As CAO, Gloria leads the transformation towards an agile culture, driving collaboration, agility and innovation in all areas.



Chief Dog Officer

Our Chief Dog Officer, Lupe, is an essential part of the Booh! family and plays a unique role in our work environment. Lupe is not only an adorable mascot, but also an ambassador of well-being, camaraderie and joy in our company.

Awards and Achievements

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